Soap And Sparkles

Creative Workshop With Soap Mixture And Sparklers


Cost: Weekend Public Workshops: £55 Per Person – Max 4 people per session

Venue: Liberty’s Centre, Crow Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3DZ

Duration: This workshop will last approx 2.5 Hours

Group Leader: Andy Green from Aperture Attic.

What do a Soap Bubble, A Make-Up Brush and a Sparkler have in common? Absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use all 3 in this unique and sometimes messy photography workshop!

You will have the chance to experiment with a variety of techniques including both long and short exposures. With just some indoor sparklers and various household objects, we will show you how the length of your shutter speed can affect the final feel of an image. We will then speed things up a notch; up to about 1/32,000th of a second to be precise! You will then get to see how, by using high speed flash you can literally freeze subjects in mid-air. Then, after this, you will be plunged face first into another dimension, shooting the chaotic abstract colours of soap bubbles that look like planets from a distant galaxy!

As we are working with sparklers, powders and liquids protective rain covers will be available should you wish to use one.

What you need: 
You will need a DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera and a lens in the range of 70 – 200, 70 – 300 or 100 – 400 mm as well as a tripod. A remote camera release is an advantage although not absolutely necessary. You will need plenty of memory and battery power.

You will be expected to know how to turn your camera into manual mode and change shutter speed, ISO and aperture – please refer to your camera’s manual for instruction on how to do this.

What We Supply:
We provide all the subject matter and props as well as all lighting and triggers. An experienced photographer is always on hand to help you make the most of your day.

These workshops are only available as Weekend Photo Days and cost £55 per person with a maximum number of 4 people in a group so every one gets plenty of time taking photos.

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