Winter Roundup

    A little catch-up of our year so far at Captivelight. With more that 20 years experience of working in the Photography Industry at a professional level we are proud of our achievements and we are proud to have helped so many budding photographers take their first steps into this kind

    Play Time

    Every year around this time we have a little play time in the studio with what ever is on hand as well as a few snacks (maybe more than a few actually!) and some good friends to spend the day with for what is usually our last photo day of


    Harvest Mice photographic tuition workshop courses

    One of our clients was looking for “something a little bit different” with the Harvest Mice during her workshop with us, so a quick hunt around at Liberty’s Centre turned up a box of ornaments from the summer Fairy Garden including some gnomes and the obligatory fairy garden Unicorn to

    Mousey Magic

    At the request of one of our clients to shoot the Harvest Mice at Liberty’s Centre looking as “natural looking as possible” under the studio lights on the natural grass set we went for a softer look with a shallow depth of field to give a much more blurred look

    Snow Day

    Snow Day Some people expressed an interest in some photos that were taken on a snowy day at Liberty’s Centre back in 2010 – so here is the video from that day, complete with some really bad music! As you can see just getting in to the Centre that day

    Zoo Photography

    Zoo Photography With the rise in popular photography that digital cameras have caused has also come a rise in people wanting things to photograph, and Zoos come pretty high up the list of popular places to take a camera to. Go to any given Zoo on most days and more