Winter Roundup

    A little catch-up of our year so far at Captivelight.

    With more that 20 years experience of working in the Photography Industry at a professional level we are proud of our achievements and we are proud to have helped so many budding photographers take their first steps into this kind of photography. We offer friendly expert help and advice from an award-winning working professional photographer to guide you through our workshops if you need any help or for, the more advanced, we offer an opportunity to capture some high impact visually appealing photographs to add to your portfolio.

    In the last 12 months our photos have appeared in just about all the UK National Newspapers as well as many magazines including National Geographic, Country Life, Yours Magazine to name a few. Our clients have included Future Publishing, Archant Publishing, two of the biggest magazine publishers in the UK as well as several other publishers across the world, most notably in Japan and the USA.

    One of our most popular images

    This Year (2019) So Far

    Since January 2019 we have run 47 workshops to date, mainly with the Harvest Mice although the Frogs come a close second! Nearly every public workshop has been fully booked and our Weekday Workshops have been a resounding success for those who like to work on their own or in smaller groups. Our workshops have helped many photographers achieve all sorts of awards and recognition over the year so far as well as helping beginners get a firm foundation on which to build their skills.

    Harvest Mouse In A tulip
    Harvest Mouse Workshops

    We have also worked with well-known Photography author Adrian Davies to help him get images for his next book on high-speed photography where we managed to get him photographing Frogs jumping and chameleons feeding using our animals, equipment and expertise. That was a challenging day as both movements are so fast!

    Red Eyed Tree Frog Jumping
    Red Eyed Tree Frog Jumping

    We were a bit worried about whether or not the Chameleon would feed but eventually he found his appetite and took a locust that had the misfortune to move whilst within range of his tongue! After the first locust he found his appetite and allowed us several opportunities to get the shot.

    Feeding Chameleon

    Canon’s Photo Plus Magazine also asked us to help with one of the “Apprentice” articles where we had to work with a novice photographer for the day photographing a section of small creatures which ended up with some Harvest Mice, a large Tarantula and some Frogs being brought in to the studio for the day. The day also coincided with one of the newly launched Canon Eos RP mirrorless full frame cameras being played with in the studio which was quite an impressive little camera and amazing value for money. It’s always good to build links with a major camera manufacturer and after the work we did with Canon UK last year with Macro Days and Birds Of Prey before that we seem to be doing okay.

    Red Eyed Tree Frog on our Canon Photo Plus day


    Looking Forward

    This year we are looking at introducing some new Workshops to our list of available days, including our new “Rodent Roundup” photography workshops where we will supply a selection of rodents and other small creatures to photograph.

    Rat in a drain pipe
    Rat In A Drain Pipe

    We are also looking at the possibility of introducing some new more structured formal Tutorial Sessions and Workshops for absolute beginners looking to build their skills and have some exciting plans ahead for this in the future.

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