Liberty’s Birds Of Prey Studio Photography Workshops

    Since building our purpose-built photography room at Liberty’s Owl, Raptor And Reptile Centre our photo days have been coming on in leaps and bounds. The Birds Of Prey studio photo day gives you an almost unique opportunity to photograph some of our beautiful Birds Of Prey using controlled lighting on a number of sets in an indoor environment regardless of the weather! Controlled lighting ensures that you can achieve some stunning images and there is always someone to help you should you need any friendly advice or helpful pointers along the way.

    We cater for photographers of all ages and abilities (under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult) and have catered for both professionals looking for something just a little bit different to youngsters just starting out on their photography journey. We run both Public Days, where you share the time with other photographers, or as Private Days where you choose whether or not to bring some friends or just have the time to yourself.

    We have a number of sets available, from natural looking to pure studio and rotate the birds from set to set to ensure a variety of images on the day and use high quality professional lighting equipment. On the public days we strictly limit the number of people attending each workshop to ensure that everyone has more than enough time with each bird.

    birds of prey photography workshops 01

    So, if you would like to try something just a little bit different from the usual outdoor photography come and see what we can do for you. Come to a public day and be part of a group or book your own tailored private day or “Weekday Workshop” just for yourself.