Play Time

    Every year around this time we have a little play time in the studio with what ever is on hand as well as a few snacks (maybe more than a few actually!) and some good friends to spend the day with for what is usually our last photo day of the year. It has been a dreadful day outside as Storm Deirdre lashes the UK bringing wind and rain to our corner of the New Forest – we were spared the snow and freezing rain that others got – but our little Studio is warm and dry and we have enough props and lighting in the room to turn it into pretty much what ever season we want to inside on the mouse sets.

    It was nice to spend the day catching up with friends, as well as playing with the camera and kicking new ideas around the table with the group (whilst eating Sue’s amazing Apple Cake!) The SplashArt set up was still out from a workshop yesterday and one thing we are not short of is props for the Harvest Mice table that lives almost permanently set up in the main area – just add a few mice and we’re good to go for a day of fun! Somehow Tesco had managed to source a few Tulips as well, the first of the new season, making our happiness complete.

    These particular mice have never seen a Tulip before but their natural curiosity leads them to investigate anything new and a little exploration on their part revealed to them that the pollen stamens are nice to eat, so within a couple of minutes they were diving into the flowers to decimate the stamens as though they had been doing it all their lives.

    Harvest Mouse in Tulip
    First Tulip Of The New Season

    John had bought a couple of small plain wooden bird houses which we quickly painted with ink from the SplashArt kit to dull down the bright new wood and dried in front of the heaters before putting them up for the mice. We know that they like houses and have been introduced to all kinds of fairy houses over the last few months but these little bird houses were “just right” for them and despite the houses being so small within a few minutes there were 10 mice crammed into one of them.

    Mice in a house
    Winter Mouse House

    Summer or Winter – they loved their little mouse house, so much so that John donated them to us for the mice to use when ever we want to!

    Harvest Mice
    Summer – Little Mouse On The Prairie

    Even in the snow!

    Harvest Mouse Workshops
    Snow Storm

    It was True Love!

    Love Harvest Mouse
    True Love’s Kiss!

    So – just a few more days and we shut down for a little while to service the lights, clean up everything and generally get ourselves ready for next season … roll on 2019!