Harvest Mice photographic tuition workshop courses

    One of our clients was looking for “something a little bit different” with the Harvest Mice during her workshop with us, so a quick hunt around at Liberty’s Centre turned up a box of ornaments from the summer Fairy Garden including some gnomes and the obligatory fairy garden Unicorn to go with the various props that she herself had brought along with her. By the end of the session we had Harvest Mice popping out of Christmas stockings, riding through the snow on a sleigh, sitting beside a festive fireplace and other festive themed images that should keep my client in unique Christmas cards for quite a while!

    On top of this (quite literally!) we had a new ceiling built in our little Studio during the week which opens up some new options with the lighting and particularly the catch-lights in the mouse’s eyes which means that we can now create quite realistic looking “natural” catch-lights.

    Harvest Mouse Photography Workshops
    More Natural Looking Catch-Lights

    Having played around with the catch-lights my attention turned to the various “Fairy Garden” ornaments that I still hadn’t returned to their rightful owner after using them with my clients a little earlier … and, well, it just had to be done!

    Harvest Mice Photo Courses
    Gnomes And Their Mice

    Anyone who thinks this is easy think again! Photographing the mice without props is so much easier as the mice run around, stop, do something mousey which gives you an opportunity to run off a few shots, before they dash off and stop somewhere else for another photo opportunity. Using the props is a little different as you have to wait for them to interact with the props – which may or may not happen, and if it does it often happens very fast and for a very brief moment of time.

    Harvest Mice Photos
    Split Seconds And A Shallow Depth Of Field

    And with all that scurrying around it’s difficult to get photos which haven’t been photo-bombed by a stray mouse or two!

    Harvest Mouse Photography Workshops and Courses in Ringwood Hampshire

    Well, at the very least it was a great way to spend a couple of hours holding a camera as well as being good fun! If you would like to spend a few hours with “Team Mousie” (or Team Unicorn!) contact me via the contact page to book your session with the Mouses!