Team Mousie

    Another day in the life of one of our Team Mousie super-models

    Harvest Mouse Photography
    The day starts early with a quick breakfast with the family.
    Harvest Mice workshops
    Followed by the daily commute to work
    Photography courses
    Dress rehearsals – We have to look perfect for our fans after all!
    Photo With Harvest Mice
    Time for a quick bite to eat before we start our performance


    Now for the serious acting!


    My early summer pose.
    Late summer pose
    Ahhh … Autumn, my favourite season!
    Winter … brrrrr
    A horror scene today!
    All done for the day – time to celebrate with the rest of the cast over some nibbles and an after work drink.
    Then home for a nice mealworm before bed! A mouse needs a lot of beauty sleep to stay this cute you know!