Harvest Mouse Photography Workshops Courses In Dorset Hampshire

    Liberty’s Harvest Mouse Photography Workshops have come on in leaps and bounds this year and have become our most popular photography course over the last twelve months. During this time we have helped many photographers of all abilities to capture some beautiful photos of these endearing little creatures as they go about their business, as well as helping several to win recognition and awards with the images take at our workshops. Photographs from our workshops sell on a regular basis in stock libraries and have appeared in print many times including the Times, the Daily Mail and the Sun newspapers to name a few.

    Under the new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 anyone operating photographic workshops or courses with animals must be in possession of an AWR Licence or a Zoo Licence to comply with the regulations. Liberty’s Centre carries a full Zoo Licence (number1009/2) meaning that all animals, facilities and practises have been inspected and passed.

    We have been photographing on table top sets for over 10 years and have come to specialise in this kind of photography over the last decade so our experience is second to none. All our workshops are run by an experienced professional photographer with more than 20 years experience in the field so friendly expert help or advice is always at hand during these sessions. We are constantly evolving our workshops trying to innovate and excel which, as a result, has built up an incredibly high percentage of return customers

    The Harvest Mouse Week-Day Workshop option has proved to be very popular with people looking for a more one to one workshop with plenty of time to get the shots that you want and working at your own pace without having to share with anyone else unless you choose to. We also run workshops at weekends where our Harvest Mouse Macro Workshop remains a very popular choice.

    Our table top sets ensure a wide variety of shots on the day using natural seasonal props for the mice to pose on as well as our more set piece scenery props which can allow for some very natural looking images to be taken. What ever we use on the day you can be sure that you will have a wide variety of photos using an array of props and scenes.

    We can also cater for more “studio” looking images where you can bring your own flowers and props (subject to them being safe for the mice). The mice love certain flowers such as Tulips, Roses, Sweet Peas, American Poppies as well as the more natural blossom such as Brambles and Dandelions and will readily climb them to eat the stamens and nectar. We will also consider other props although we never force the mice to do anything that they don’t want to!

    Would you prefer to photograph the mice outside? We can do that! If you would prefer a more natural look we can easily take our mice outside and photograph under natural light with natural backgrounds. Of course you are at the mercy of the weather and light conditions on the day but in the event of bad weather you will have the choice of returning another day or working inside, it’s up to you.

    So, if you want to take pictures of Harvest Mice or want to learn how to take pictures like the ones on this page come and see us. Our workshops are well-known for being both fun and friendly as well as being informative and helpful, so what ever your level of photography you will be made welcome.